Poverty Solutions’ Educational service concentrates on: identification; classification; assessment; and attainment of those educational skills necessary for entry into the various career tracts.  More importantly, Poverty Solutions conducts case management to insure that program participants’ choices are compatible with their career ambitions.  We partner with the various school boards and colleges to prepare our clients for becoming more marketable and successful.

Our education program is focused on Youth-Development and Veteran-Empowerment.  These two groups are the most vulnerable with regards to educationally related adverse economic impact.  A 2008 California Department of Education report on High School Dropout by County (http://dq.cde.ca.gov/dataquest/) showed that on the aggregate, the high school dropout rate improved slightly in California in 2008 but rose in Los Angeles, where more than one-third of students are officially classified as dropouts.  See Los Angeles Times, May 19, 2011. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2009/05/high-school-dropout-rate-climbs-to-349.html. Statewide, 68.3% of students graduated and 20.1% dropped out.  Id.  For the Los Angeles Unified School District, the dropout rate was 34.9%. Id.  Although the state dropout rate was down 1 percentage point from the previous year, the Los Angeles Unified rate was up by more than 3 percentage points. Id.  A more recent report by California Department of Education showed the class of 2010 at Los Angeles County high schools had a 20.3 percent dropout rate, above the statewide figure of 18.2 percent.  High school dropout are economically disadvantaged because lack of basic academic background to acquire job-skill. A substantial group of unemployed adults are high-school dropouts and are unable to maintain stable employment because of numerous obstacles.  This group of low income individuals including young adults 18 to 36 who are without high school diploma, single parents, ex-offenders, displaced workers, and non-custodial parents faces significant obstacles.  The obstacles include: being ex-offenders, basic skills deficiencies, mental and physical health problems, learning disabilities, and similar disadvantages.

Apart from our Youth-Development focused GED2College program, P-Solutions also offer other exam-preparation and college admission/completion programs.  We offer low-cost personalized exam-prep courses on many exams that young Angelinos needed to succeed in life such as GED, CLEP, CNA, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, Real-Estate Agent or Broker, NASD Series 6-7-63-65-66, and CA Life or Property Insurance agent test, etc. Our test preps are administered by qualified professionals who have sat and passed all exams they teach. Members of our team have over a century of combined experience in education, research, test-taking, behavior modification, and community service in terms of working with low-income African American, Hispanic, and other populations.




REGISTER FOR WORKSHOP(S):  Please contact Poverty Solutions at (213) 325-3037 – Office, or email us at contact@povsol.com.