Integrated Employment Solutions: This program utilizes P-Solutions’ experiences in job-training, entrepreneurship development, business management, and community development platforms to advance the cause of job creation, poverty alleviation, and community development in Southern California.  This revolving loan fund will be used to provide low-income individuals and families with start-up capital after they have been trained through our entrepreneurship program focused on creation of employment and business opportunities.  Poverty Solutions assist low-income individuals and families, mentoring them into becoming entrepreneurs and small business-owners that will build and invest in businesses creating jobs and other economic gains in disadvantaged and distressed communities across Southern California.

Veteran Job-Retraining

P-Solutions’ Veteran Job-training targets recently separated veterans, spouses and veterans with barriers to employment who are then trained/retained and placed in jobs with living wages and career advancement opportunity in the law enforcement/security, transportation, logistics and healthcare sectors.  This is a comprehensive job-training and employment program designed to transition participating veterans into well-paying occupations.

The program design integrates supportive services with vocational training conducted by community colleges and vocational schools, with course completion ranging from 2 weeks to 5 months.  Graduates from this program would have acquired marketable job-skills, certifications, and training to:  (1) re-enter the workforce, obtain gainful and stable employment and retain jobs gained on a long-term basis; (2) become savvy with budgeting, planning and debt management; (3) utilize education, licenses and certification for career advancement; (4) understand homeownership, homelessness-prevention, and foreclosure prevention; (5) create competitive resumes, job-search, and excel at job interviews; (6) understand what it takes to become entrepreneurs, self-employed, and business managers.

Enhanced Job-Training

Poverty Solutions’ enhanced transitional jobs (ETJ) program is focused on helping ex-offenders in Los Angeles County in particular and Southern California at large re-enter the workforce, obtain gainful and stable employment, and retain jobs gained on a long-term basis.  These objectives will be achieved through mixed strategies that include training, placements, mentoring, civic entrepreneurial skill acquisition, and ongoing job-skill enhancement to increase the workforce participation of low-income, hard-to-employ populations, specifically ex-offenders, and non-custodial parents.  In addition to the job-training, P-Solutions also allows program participants to also take part in our wealth-empowerment programs including the sought after Civic Entrepreneurship which provide seed capital to graduates for equity participation alongside Private Equity firm in a restricted ownership of community-based businesses that employ program participants.  The “hard- to-employ” population of Los Angeles and Southern California consist of ex-offenders and other adults who could not gain and/or hold steady employment.  Many characteristics are associated with a reduced likelihood of employment, including physical or mental health problems; human capital barriers, such as low basic skills or lack of a GED; situational barriers, such as housing instability or transportation access; and family-related factors, such as disabled children or caretaker responsibilities. Relative to the general population, ex-offenders are far more likely to face many barriers.  The range of barriers the hard-to-employ face suggests that “one size fits all” program strategies are not likely to be effective and that programs must be able to tailor services to meet the varied needs of their clients. Building and maintaining the capacity to address a range of different service needs — while staying focused on the employment goal — is a major challenge for programs geared towards hard-to-employ populations.