Poverty Solutions’ Healthy-Path is our health and human services program designed to combat childhood obesity and serve low-income veterans and adults in need of physical and mental health services while strengthening families and building communities.  Healthy-Path offers a multi-disciplinary holistic (in-school and after-school) health, nutrition and physical activities program that serve low-income children 5 to 18 years of age, across the Los Angeles County. The program promotes (1) an In-School Nutrition Clubs where children will have increased access to healthy food education and nutrition; and (2) an After-School athletic/physical activity forum for low-income children in LA County.


Childhood Obesity has become a serious medical concern for children and adolescents in the United States.  Poverty Solutions’ partnership with Life is Networking Knowledge, Pink Lotus healthcare, and other members of the South Los Angeles Health Coalition is the key to success for the Healthy-Path Project. Members of our team have over a century of combined experience in education, research, physical training, behavior modification, community service and health services in terms of working with low-income populations. Our current Board is made up of educators, nurses, social workers, community leaders and members of the community who are dedicated, passionate professionals and non-professionals.


Without our Healthy-Path program, we believe that the disadvantaged, low-income children/families would not have access at all to these services that we provide and therefore, the cycle will repeat itself and the numbers of obese children in the Los Angeles County will increase causing health care costs to reach billions of dollars.