Poverty Solutions, Inc. (P-Solutions) designs and deploys programs that bridge the gap in poverty by providing education, employment/training, housing, entrepreneurship, and healthy-living initiatives.  These programs will empower low-income families, veterans, at-risk youths, unemployed, and other underserved adult populations to divest poverty. We can build moral communities by helping others meet the demands of today’s social, economic and technological agendas.


Primary organizational goals of this initiative are threefold: (i) restoration of safe and secure environs for families and communities; (ii) to educate, employ and empower low-income families, veterans, youths, and underserved adults in terms of economic development while promoting self-esteem, self-efficacy and productive behaviors that foster positive citizenship, and (iii) to assist policy makers’ and service providers’ efforts to foster economic development, health and human growth by providing health services, training and employment opportunities.