Divest Poverty Workshops
“Divest Poverty” Workshops empower low-income families and individuals, youths, and women in Los Angeles County to escape poverty and start the process of wealth accumulations
Enhanced Job Training
Business Lending
Poverty Solutions Programs
We take pride in our wide array of programs geared towards empowering low-income individuals and families to divest poverty and start wealth accumulations.
If you have any questions regarding our programs or would like more information, please contact us:
Our enhanced transitional jobs (ETJ) program is focused on helping ex-offenders and hard-to-employ in Los Angeles County and California through training, mentorship, & job placements
We lend existing and new small business initial capital to enable them access other loans such as SBA 7(a) and other facilities to start a business or acquire equipments
Real Estate Services
Our Mission-Driven Real Estate Brokerage is focused on finding affordable housing for low-income homebuyers or helping them sell their homes or transition to others
Health & Wellness
Affordable Lending
Through LINK, P-Solutions provides healthcare  programs to inhabitants of South LA through prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, education, and direct care delivery

Our Affordable Housing Loans are mainly “soft seconds,” DPA , and rehab loan, that range from $7,500 to $75,000. These loans are typically at about 2-7% fixed for up to 30 years.