Volunteers:  Any members of the community who are willing to donate their time by helping to fight high level of poverty among low-income individuals, veterans, families, working mothers, unemployed, displaced ex-servicemen, minorities, dropout youths and other populations are welcome to volunteer at Poverty Solutions, Inc. This volunteer pool can include community and religious leaders, school personnel, administrative personnel, educators, lawyers, accountants, business leaders, students, case workers, members of the media and other stakeholders.

P-Solutions will be looking for in-kind donations of new and used office equipment including computers, office furniture, software, training manuals and office supplies. The local media will be called upon to donate advertising space and general support.  We will appeal to local, state and federal agencies for pamphlets, books, brochures, handouts, videos and other poverty fighting-related materials.

Volunteers are needed at all levels of planning, service delivery, and community outreach, both professionals and non-professionals. Without our dedicated volunteers, whose generosity is so appreciated, we would not be able to carry-out our mission with ease and peace of mind.  We welcome you to join Poverty Solutions in an effort to assist our communities with fulfilling the mission of bridging the gap in poverty by building healthy communities while meeting the demands of today’s social, economic and technological agendas.



TECHNICALComputer TechnologyProgrammingResearchFlier Design – Graphics

Website – Design, Maintenance

Fund Raising

Program Planning

Grant Writing

ADMINISTRATIVEGeneral Office AssistanceTypingTelephonesFiling



Direct Marketing



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