About Us

Who We Are

Poverty Solutions, Inc. (P-Solutions) designs and deploys programs that bridge the gap in poverty by providing education, employment/training, affordable-housing, entrepreneurship training and financing, health and human services that empower low-income families, veterans, at-risk youths, unemployed, and other underserved adult populations to divest poverty while building healthy communities and meeting the demands of today’s social, economic and technological agendas. We focus our investments on economically and racially marginalized communities that have been systematically denied access to capital.

P-Solutions was founded in 2008 to offer a comprehensive approach to fighting poverty through Job-Training & Placement, Education, Affordable-Housing, Lending, Health & Human Services, Financial Education, Homeownership and Entrepreneurship – that serves low-income families, in Los Angeles, Kern, San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial, and other California Counties with depressed, underserved, and rural communities. P-Solutions’ team of multi-cultural, experienced and credentialed staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to the economically disadvantaged population. Our Board of Directors includes professionals with strong community, political and corporate relationships and genuine acumen for uplifting the under-represented populations of all ages and races. P-Solutions’ Board of Directors is strong and diverse in terms of experience and governing ability. Board members include professionals with expertise in the areas of community development, education, employment, financial services, healthcare services, affordable housing and skills-building.

We are committed to working together with our peers and partners across the nation toward our goal of an inclusive prosperity that ensures that low-income people and communities have access to the tools they need to create wealth, opportunity and lasting change. Whether we are financing a health center or a charter school, solar panels or a saw mill, a low-income family or an established developer of affordable housing, our focus remains on developing financial tools, programs and ideas that provide access to opportunity, bridge gaps rather than widen them, and offer the potential and promise to change the world.

What We Do

P-Solutions’ programs empowers low-income families, veterans, at-risk youths, women and minorities who are economically disadvantaged and underserved particularly in Los Angeles County and Southern California at large to take initiatives that would move them out of poverty permanently, and into sustainable self-sufficiency.

Through the programs listed below, the organization works: (i) to restore safe and secure environs for families and communities; (ii) to educate, employ and empower low-income families, veterans, youths, and underserved adults in terms of economic development while promoting self-esteem, self-efficacy and productive behaviors that foster positive citizenship, and (iii) to assist policy makers’ and service providers’ efforts to foster economic development, health and human growth by providing health services, training and employment opportunities.

Our Loan Fund uses innovative financial tools and deploy capital to support projects that make communities more vibrant places to live, including:

Our loans and investments have helped:

Our values and ideas shape our vision and strategy, inform our daily actions and serve as the foundation for our long-range planning.

To be an effective organization we must respond to the changing needs of the individuals and communities we serve and enhance the exchange of ideas among many communities and constituencies. Our growth and performance are driven by our ability to recognize and respond to the evolving needs of our constituents and the changing nature of our market.

We therefore endeavor to stand at the intersection of multiple constituencies, to break through silos, and to work with organizations and individuals from diverse perspectives who can advance our mission.

We believe that Low-income communities and residents need and are entitled to the same expertise and the same expectations of excellence that are available to their wealthier neighbors.

We work to deliver that excellence through staffing, technology, and infrastructure that promote efficiency and innovation.

Systemic change engenders powerful, broad-reaching and long-lasting results. We seek ways to improve industry results, and to develop solutions that can be replicated on a nationwide basis.


Asking the right questions is a root source of good leadership. As our world evolves, our questions must evolve. We endeavor to increase our awareness of the transformational shifts that affect the environment in which we operate.

We believe low-income communities are entitled to the same expertise and expectations of excellence as are their wealthier neighbors.

Board of Directors:

Board Chair, Ambrose Egbuonu, is a resident of Hawthorne in Greater Los Angeles.  He is also a community leader and has been a small business owner in Los Angeles for over 16 years.  A US Navy Specialist who is currently enlisted with the Navy Reserve, Ambrose is a compassionate community leader with vested interest in veteran, health and human services, community development and poverty alleviation throughout the underserved communities of Los Angeles County and Southern California. Mr. Egbuonu serves on the Audit Committee, Finance Committee, and Executive Committee, (Chair). Mr. Egbuonu spearheads our seven-member Board of Directors.

Treasurer, Martin Nwaege, joined P-Solutions’ board in March of 2011 and was elected as its Treasurer.  Martin is a Los Angeles based small-business owner and currently the CEO of Martnege & Associates.  He has over 19 years of experience in accounting, tax, audit, and finance.  His professional experience include 18 years of experience in homelessness prevention, rapid-rehousing, and workforce initiatives, mental health management, economic empowerment, business management, independent audits, internal audits, internal control, business finance, community development financial management, strategic planning, costing, financial planning, financial reporting, quality control, marketing, and customer service, through the years that he worked for Martnege & Associates, Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing, San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps,  Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, Mental Health America of Greater Los Angeles, SNF Management Inc., Emlac International Group Inc., Coye & Associates, Cedric D. Flowers, Belize Citrus Growers Association, and Belize Ports Authority.  Martin attended University of Belize, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  Martin serves on the Audit Committee and Finance Committee.

Frank I Igwealor
Managing Partner, Goldstein Franklin, Inc.

Richard Schachter
President, The Schachter Family Foundation

Kareem Davis
COO, Pink Lotus Healthcare Corporation 


Our staff is committed to putting their expertise to work for underserved communities. At P-Solutions, we share a desire for excellence and for justice; where these two values intersect is where we do business. From our senior managers to our mortgage loan originators and administrators, we are passionate about building vibrant, healthy communities.

Frank I Igwealor
President & CEO

Frank I. Igwealor is the President and Chief Executive Officer of P-Solutions, a 501(c) 3 California nonprofit community economic development organization serving various depressed communities of California.  Mr. Igwealor has over 23 years of experience in community development operation, business management consulting, business operation management, accounting, finance, fiscal planning, and investments management, through years he worked for Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services, SDI Media Group, OSI Systems, Inc., and Morgan Stanley.   Mr. Igwealor has been the President and CEO of P-Solutions since 2008.  Mr. Igwealor is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM).  He is a California licensed Real Estate Broker.  In the past 11 years, Frank has been a NASD (series 7, 63, 65) licensed financial professional with Empire Securities, Morgan Stanley, and HD Vest Securities.  Mr. Igwealor’s professional education includes double major in Accounting and Economics; MBA in Finance from CalState University Dominquez Hills; and Juris Doctor (JD) from Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles.  Over the years, Mr. Igwealor has led many successful large-scale program benefiting families and communities from his works at Morgan Stanley, OSI Systems, Inc., SDI Media Group, Urban Legends Stadium, Inc., and Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services.

Rita P. Gatewood, PhD, Chief Program Officer: Ms. Gatewood has over three decades of experience as a national and international educator and researcher. She has extensive expertise in service to underserved populations of: abused children, women and older adults; victims of AIDS, prostate cancer, substance abuse, unemployment, homelessness, poverty and other social & political injustices.   Over the past two decades, Gatewood has been engaged in the design, development and implementation of numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses and is a published researcher; program developer, grant writer and fund raiser. Over the years she has taught and conducted research at the: University of Michigan-AA, where she earned a PhD & MA in Sociology (Health & Aging); University of Missouri-KC, where she earned a MA & AB in Sociology (H & A and Deviant Behaviors); Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, where she held the post of Manager of the Survey Research Unit;  and Washington University-STL.

Ausanta Nebbitt, Operation Manager: Ms. Nebbitt is an experienced operations manager that has overwhelmingly impacted the organizations and populations that she has served over the past fifteen years. She has spearheaded several special projects at multiple corporations which led to total savings of over $500,000 in one year as a result of her expertise.  Mrs. Nebbitt created several procedures manuals and conducted training sessions including:  Creating insurance claims manual, trained several corporations on many software packages, created filing system procedures manuals, community organizer trainer, created HUD systems training manual, etc.  Mrs. Nebbitt has and continues to serve diligently and faithfully in several posts, including: Community Organizer; Data Management Specialist at Neighborhood Housing Services; National Originations Associate at Wells Fargo Foothill; Project Development Specialist at Syska Hennessy Group; Quality Assurance/Configuration Manager at CPC Foodservice in Franklin Park, IL;  Mrs. Nebbitt holds an A.A.S. Degree from SIU-C, a minors in Computer Information Processing, and attended Pepperdine University’s Management Program.

Roy Watson is the Financial Director, and Mr. Watson circumspectly manages the portfolio of the organization. He has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance including monthly cash flow-projection with weekly updates, accounts payable-receivable, preparation of donor-required audits, and the management of grants and loans. Mr. Watson has graduated with a BSc in Accounting from National University of San Diego.

Patricia E. Bigay is the Community Outreach Manager. Ms. Bigay has more than 15 years of experience in Community Outreach, leading and managing projects in empowerment and healthcare for the less-privileged. Ms. Bigay has extensive experience in health plans (Medicaid, Medicare), Medical Groups (Healthy Families/Kids), physician associations, hospitals / government agencies, and non-profit organizations. She believes that affordable healthcare is a necessity for the well-being of the whole community. Ms. Bigay has selflessly devoted her time to providing the less privileged with needed services, information, and tools about the healthcare system. This will open new doors for healthy living and empowerment opportunities. Her selfless actions of kindness generate ripple effects across the communities of Southern California. Ms. Bigay is Grant Writing certified from USC School of Business, and she holds a certification in Project Management from UCLA School of Business.

Andrew Jeong is the Program Manager in charge of P-Solutions Youth Empowerment and Training Program (PYET). This program combines semi classroom education, after-school programs, GED2College prep, community experience, and college planning to guide at-risk youths and high school students toward: (1) colleges to obtain 4-year degree; or (2) technical training, and careers in in in-demand industries and other lucrative job opportunities that will help at-risk youths off the streets and in gainful employment. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of California Riverside.

George Gibson
Vice President – Community Affairs

Sheldon Thomas
Vice President – Real Estate and Youth Development

It is the belief of P-Solutions that the aforementioned management team possesses genuine acumen to manage all P-Solutions’ projects and spearhead them to phenomenal success.  Through a combination of commitment, dedication and this highly skilled team of professionals, P-Solutions will quickly garner a reputation as a premier service provider.  Massive poverty across the target populations was the driving force that propelled Frank Igwealor, President and Chief Executive Officer to bring together the management team presented here.  More importantly, members of this management team wholeheartedly shares the vision and mission of Poverty Solutions, Inc. and Frank Igwealor, CPA & MBA that education, economic development and employment are the forces that will unleash empowerment across under-served populations of veterans and adults such that they may become more productive members of family, community and society.



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Since our founding, investors ranging from financial institutions to foundations, religious communities, and individuals have been critical partners in our work. Their loans provide capital for our lending, and make it possible for us to provide financing to low-income communities across the country.


P-Solutions benefits from individuals, foundations, and corporations whose donations allow us to innovate, grow, and provide patient, low-cost capital where it’s needed most.

Borrowers (past & current)

From affordable housing developments to health care centers and charter schools, our Loan Fund borrowers are in the trenches, transforming communities, and changing lives.


At P-SOLUTIONS  we have always known that to be effective we must evolve to respond to the changing needs of our constituents and the changing world in which we live. Specifically, we consider the ways in which powerful regional, national and global trends intersect with community development strategies that are intended to create meaningful and wide-scale economic and social opportunities for low-income people. Our answers and observations help shape our goals, our vision and our five-year strategy.


Bring new capital to underserved communities

Create partnerships and tools which increase access to cost-effective, market-rate commercial capital, including lines of credit from mainstream financial institutions and investments from public sector pension funds, insurance companies and socially responsible mutual funds.

Summary of our strategic plan includes the following:

Expand our core programs to meet the changing needs of underserved markets

Invest where other financial institutions will not and create financing initiatives that bridge gaps between key players in the areas that affect healthy communities, reducing the silos in which these players often operate.

Expand our leadership role in the effort to build healthy communities

Work with civic, government, community-based and private sector partners and stakeholders to create and preserve resources for neighborhood stabilization and revitalization and to advance initiatives that have the potential to transform our communities.

Maintain organizational self-sufficiency, and strengthen staff and systems

Sustain 100% organizational self-sufficiency and invest in the staff, infrastructure and technology needed to achieve our goals.

Measure our social impact, and use learning to guide program iteration and innovation

Maintain an impact measurement system that asks questions that will generate actionable answers and use our learnings as tools to inform program evaluation and iteration, to support our policy work, and to guide our innovation of new products, programs, and services for the communities we serve.

Annual Reports and Financials

For a closer look at our financial performance and impact, view our annual reports and audited financial statements. Annual reports and Financials are available upon request.