Affordable Housing

P-Solutions serves low-income individuals and families, working mothers, microenterprise business owners, self-employed, displaced ex-servicemen, women victims of domestic violence, TANF recipients, families in the child support system, families in the foster care system, people with disabilities, Native Americans, survivors of domestic or intimate violence, at-risk youths who dropped out without high school diploma, and underserved minorities in Los Angeles, Kern, San Bernardino, Riverside, Fresno, Imperial, San Diego, Baltimore, Clark and other California, Maryland and Nevada Counties with depressed and underserved communities are EEOP-IDA project’s target of change (participants). Our primary means of reaching the target population is through churches, community outreach, unemployment office, veteran service department, and public educational institutions database within low-income under-served communities across the region.

We serve some of the most economically distressed communities in California. Some of the major factors of severe economic distress that are prevalent in these communities are higher than average unemployment, poverty, foreclosure, and unsecured debt default rates. The combination of a high rate of two or more of these factors would traditionally exclude a holder from the mainstream American financial system.

P-Solutions has committed to providing favorable loans to low-income minority individuals and minority-owned or Controlled businesses within Low- or Moderate-Income Majority Minority Census Tracts, bringing affordable housing through home ownership and multifamily housing development lending and investments to Low-Income Communities (“LICs”) that lack access to traditional financing.

Our Affordable Housing Loan Products:

The hallmark of our affordable housing loan products is our ability to provide patient, flexible, and targeted capital to move high impact projects forward. Our lending solutions are customized to the needs of the borrower and the project, and include a range of options:

Healthy Communities

We actively participate in policy initiatives, task forces, and working groups aimed at improving the lives of low income people and communities. Our efforts support investment in underserved communities, healthy food access, family financial stability, sustainable development, and access to housing, healthcare, education, and childcare.