Community Development Financing.

Our Loan Fund uses innovative financial tools and deploy capital to support projects that make communities more vibrant places to live.

Our loans and investments have helped:

What We Do

P-Solutions help connect low-income persons and low-income communities, many of them persons, or communities of color, with flexible financing to generate equitable and inclusive economic opportunity. We finance a wide range of real estate–related projects, including:

Poverty Solutions, Inc. Loan Fund Impact

$5k- $1M

Range of loan amount


Average number of loans closed annually over the past 5 years


Standard & Poors Global Rating


Of Loan Fund projects are led by people of color*


Of lending serves low-income communities*


Of Loan Fund projects are led by women*

*measurement starting in 2018

How We Work

P-Solutions works at the intersection of opportunity and mission—where our financing can bolster a project that meets the needs identified by the low-income community it serves. We work with partners on the ground to get the projects with powerful and positive benefits off the ground.


Before providing financing, we review the feasibility and impact of each project by asking:

Who will the project benefit?

Does the project align with the needs of the community?

Will it inspire future investment that benefits longtime residents?

Is the positive impact significant and enduring?

Is debt the right tool and is repayment highly likely?


Depending on the unique needs of each borrower and project, we offer a range of customized community development loan products, including:






Leveraged debt lending in New Markets Tax Credit transactions

State tax credit and grant intermediary loans

Where We Lend

P-Solutions is a national lender with investments in California, Nevada, Georgia and Maryland. In addition to our core markets in Pacific West Coast, we work in strategic locations across the country where partners are seeking additional mission-driven capital.

What Makes Us Different

As a financing partner, P-Solutions brings a unique breadth and depth of expertise. Thanks to the financial strength of our programs, we’ve been self-sufficient for over a decades. That means we have the latitude to lend at the size, scale and complexity needed by our partners. It means we’re flexible and willing to think outside the box to make the financing work. It also means we have the liberty to invest in the technology and staff we need to be effective.

Our mission allows us to finance a broad range of projects too, from permanent supportive housing in communities with a high rate of unhoused individuals to start-up charter schools serving over-age and under-credited high school students and those at risk of dropping out before graduation.