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P-SOLUTIONS and our affiliates provide a wide range of debt and equity products for low-income communities, individuals, emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. Our business loan products include Small Business Financing, Commercial Real Estate, Microenterprise or Microloans, and Community Facilities financing.

Founded in 2008 to meet the credit needs of organizations and communities traditionally denied access to capital, P-SOLUTIONS ’s Loan Fund has been the core of its business lines. We provide innovative, flexible loan capital that is scarce or simply not available from conventional sources in the communities in which we work. In recent years, as credit markets tightened, the Loan Fund has continued to play a critical role in financing the community-based projects and facilities that enhance and stabilize fragile communities in a time of economic uncertainty. These activities provide employment and services to low-income residents, improve community health, and create long-term opportunities for these communities and the people who live in them.



Following our belief that a healthy community has access to a diverse range of products and services, we lend to a wide variety of institutions providing a range of services that benefit low-income individuals and families.

Our entrepreneurship lending supports:

Our Loan Products:

The hallmark of our loan products is our ability to provide patient, flexible, and targeted capital to move high impact projects forward. Our lending solutions are customized to the needs of the borrower and the project, and include a range of options:

Los Angeles Community Capital (Venture Fund)

In collaboration with local investors and financial institutions, P-Solutions in early 2012 created Los Angeles Community Capital (LACC) to provide equity investments in high-potential businesses that create financial, social and environmental returns. Since 20012, LACC has invested substantial amount in 36 companies across a broad range of industries—from healthy-food, transportation and media, to education and food services, and to life science diagnostics and waste remediation. We have invested in businesses that provide quality goods and services to lower-income communities or other disadvantaged populations, enhance the stability of lower-income or rural neighborhoods, and produce products that enhanced the environment or reduced pollution.


Los Angeles Community Capital has served as a champion for overlooked markets and innovative business models that addresses large societal challenges. Our social lens has brought a unique perspective to how equity financing can uncover and nurture businesses otherwise overlooked by traditional investors. In the process, it has supported companies that have radically transformed the market in which they operate.

Public Policy and Civic Leadership

P-Solutions’ work is rooted in actions we take to respond to the evolving needs of underserved markets. P-Solutions operates “at the intersections,” creating bridges across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. We work with civic, government, community-based, and private sector partners and stakeholders to create and preserve resources for neighborhood stabilization and revitalization and to advance initiatives that have the potential to transform our communities. We play an active leadership role in the housing, community development, and CDFI sectors, working to ensure that resources are mobilized and moving in concert to provide solutions at the scale of the problems we seek to address.